Adding Muscle Mass

For some, this is natural. But for some, building muscle mass seems to be the most difficult thing to do. But in fact, adding muscle mass is essential, given, of course, that you understand all the concepts behind it. In addition, you need to be disciplined in maintaining these concepts. To help you, however, here are some useful tips on how to build muscles quickly:


The richest basic – anyone, even those who do not have bodybuilding education, quickly assumes that exercise will increase muscle mass. And so, it is correct to some extent. Muscle training will develop it. And when the muscle is regularly used with effort, your body assumes that it will have to be bigger and stronger. Your body will react accordingly, making these muscles grow.


In this case, not everyone assumes that stretching will contribute to the addition of muscle mass. But in reality stretching is just as important as exercise or strength training. This is because stretching helps to stretch muscle tissue, making it slimmer and stronger. Stretching also helps to maintain tense muscles. If you just like to tone your muscles without making them bulky, daily muscle stretching exercises will be enough for you.


Most people assume that the more you exercise, the faster your muscles gain weight. This is also true, but if you don’t add rest periods between them, your muscles may not gain weight at all. Avoid daily strength training. You should have days of rest and you should also fall asleep. It is when you rest your muscles will recover and add more weight.


Exercises without a complementary diet will not bring too many results. To gain muscle mass, you will need to eat the right food. There are two groups of foods to focus on – carbohydrates and protein. Carbon should be taken on days when you have to perform strenuous physical activities. And protein must be taken in appropriate amounts every day, because protein is a source of amino acids – a building block of muscle tissues. You can also consult with a nutritionist about what to eat in order to build up your muscles.

Dietary supplement

It is recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements as part of a special diet and exercise mode. This will ensure a healthy supply of important nutrients to the body. This is important because muscle development requires a large amount of biological chemical synthesis, which requires a good supply of vitamins and minerals.


Detoxification is actually optional. It is optional in such a way that not everyone does it when they go through the muscle building process. However, it can play a very important role in building stronger and larger muscles. First, detoxification relieves the body’s metabolism. As a result, you will have more energy to continue exercising.

These are just some of the basic principles of muscle building. Of course, muscle building involves a lot more. If you really want to succeed in building strong and slim muscles, it is highly recommended that you have an instructor.

One day I fell face down into the garden and couldn’t get up with my hands to get up again. After a few minutes, there was no other way out than to put as much pressure on these stubborn muscles as possible to grow out of this situation. Hands needed about a week to recover.

Such things are unnecessary, because a change in lifestyle would soon be confirmed. The first response to the health situation was a lack of sugar or salt. Fruits contain sugar and even those that have disappeared from the menu. However, it was re-introduced as a cocktail for breakfast, which replaced oats and other things. Yoghurt with extra protein and at least four pieces of fruit and a celery stick is now my regular breakfast.

Joining the gym was one of the best solutions to my problems. PT trainers led me through the exercises that took care of my balance, so I don’t have to travel now. If and when I’m on the floor, it’s easy to get out of bed as part of the gym exercises and in about 8 months my weight was reduced by as much as 8 kilograms.

There is still a long way to go, because the weight is still too high, at least now my muscles are recovering on my hands and legs. A bicycle in the gym is one of the best exercises and spending half an hour a day on it and cycling up to 6 km is beneficial.

There is one more great bonus received for participation in the gym. As time goes by, there are now many friends with whom you can cuddle up and talk to. Some people spend time after PT sessions and we talk about things in general. This is what older people miss, especially if they live alone. All the things that are considered to be building a body for older people are a definite necessity.



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